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Here at Motoveloce we have recognised that people are beginning to seek out alternative forms

of investment in order to either boost their current income or to supplement their long-term investment holdings. Cars, Art and Fine Wines are a few of the asset classes that are particularly popular these days and here at Motoveloce we believe that Classic Motorbikes are an as yet un-tapped opportunity. So we have put together a scheme where our clients can choose from a selection of bikes available in Italy that we feel represent great opportunities to fulfil any alternative investment requirements.

We have over twenty years experience in importing cars and motorbikes from Italy and as such have in place the resources required to make it an efficient and cost-effective exercise. And best of all,,, it's virtually zero-risk as the asset remains the property of the client at all times and we do not ask you to invest any money in us, ever. Our clients are always in possession of a saleable, tangible asset.

We handle every stage of the process including initial sourcing and purchasing, plate transfer, passaggio, transportation, the importation and NOVA paperwork. We have workshop and storage facilities in Milan and here in the UK where we can prepare the bikes either for collectors long-term storage or in readiness for sale. Registered members are able to track the progress of their particular bikes here on our website.

And the icing on the cake,,, HMRC will confirm for you that the profits from long term investments in classic motorcycles are 100% free of Capital Gains & Income Tax providing there has been no form of trading. It's also an asset that can be enjoyed, it's a joy to behold, makes a stunning ornament, it's tangible, it can be exhibited at classic shows and can even be used to go get the papers on a Sunday morning - all while appreciating in value! Try doing that with your stock portfolio!

  • Zero risk - you remain in possession of your tangible asset at all times.
  • No up front costs or payments to Motoveloce.
  • All sourcing, transportation and administration taken care of.
  • Exciting emerging market full of opportunity.
  • Long term investment or short term extra income.
  • Free of Capital Gains & Income Tax on long term investments.
  • Final fee or commission sale basis - you decide.

Feel free to contact us here or call Mark on 07970 600899 to discuss how we can help you with your next motorcycle investment.

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Motoveloce Import Club
What is it & Why?

A low risk tax free alternative investment

 For the past 20 years or so here at Motoveloce we have been assisting clients with importing cars and motorbikes from Italy, our family connections in Milan work with us to source and purchase the vehicles and administer the export documentation (plate transfer and passaggio) on our behalf while here in the UK we manage the transportation, import and registration processes.

Our 20 years experience means that we can offer an extremely efficient and low-cost service to anyone wishing to bring a vehicle into the UK from Italy. So what exactly are we offering? Well Italy is a veritable feast of exquisitely beautiful and exotic machinery, much of which is very rarely available here in the UK. We would like to present you with an opportunity to gain access to some potentially extremely attractive investments, either as long-term holdings or to turn over quickly as a means to generate a little extra income. And it's tax free!

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